Let me Explain

In Jan of 2013 I will start my project where I will try to become WorldChampion art by Jan 2017. The last 4 years of my art live I see as my education I’ve seen what the art world is like. So now that my “art school” is over it’s time to move slowly towards the major league before entering the World Championships.

Here are the 10 goals that I will try to get done by Jan 2017. Over the next few months they will chance a bit and get sharper and sharper so that when Jan 2013 is here they 10 goals will be as sharp as they can get.

1 Having a piece in the MoMa (NY) or museum of that status.
2 One million twitter followers, so plzz follow me :)
3 15 solid galleries in 10 countries.
4 Deal with a top 3 sneaker brand. (own line)
5 Prize of some pieces above 100.000 dollar.
6 Big articles in big newspapers/magazines in the world.
7 Next to painting also doing 2 other art forms on a high level.
8 Doing cover art for 3 major rock acts.
9 Front of Time magazine has to feature my art.
10 stil to come………

For updates go to: World Champion Art Tumblr