Not only engaging through his painting, GabyGaby’s presence and insight is in demand; he appears at events worldwide. GabyGaby can speak about the following topics:

Social Media Artist

GabyGaby speaks about how you build a reputation in today’s art-world by using every social tool available. He shares stories from Van Gogh to Jamie Oliver and he takes us to his rollercoaster of how he build his brand all through social media. Everything GabyGaby gets done happens because of social media. Twitter is part of his DNA.

GabyGaby on tour (a tour de france guerilla marketing project)

“Gaby keeps surprising me” Eddy Merckx 1 painter , 3 weeks , 11 big paintings on the mountains of the Tour de France. GabyGaby speaks about how he got this guerrilla marketing project off the ground and how one tweet got it all started. A true “all-boys-want-to-become-hero’s” story that would make you laugh and enjoy the energy Gaby will bring to the stage

World Champion Art

In January of 2013 GabyGaby will start his quest to become WorldChampion art. The race will take 4 years and ends is January. His story about his plan how to get there also takes us back to how he got where he is today. Was it all luck or is there a strategy behind it.

Make your dreams come true

GabyGaby will talk about how he makes his dreams happen. He will shares his energy on stage while he talks about how he got some things done in his life. From showing in galleries in New York and Dubai to doing a amazing project during the Tour de France. GabyGaby is open and will share his ups and downs about making dreams come true.

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