Who Is Gaby?

GabyGaby is a multimedia artist that is known for his unusual approaches to his work. He has shown in New York, Dubai, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna and San Francisco as well as creating site-specific works in Las Vegas, Rotterdam and for the Tour de France. It’s a crazy mashup, no limits world and Dutch multi-media artist, GabyGaby is out to find the boundaries. For GabyGaby there is no separation between fine and commercial art. His work blurs the line between art and design. Between painting and new media. Brands and exhibitions. Comics and curators. Function and intellect. With a background working in the fashion industry as a Creative Director, GabyGaby confidently navigates the relationship between the self expression of contemporary ‘fine art’ and the mass consumerism of the applied arts. Referencing iconic symbols from popular culture, global brands, social media, cities, politics, fashion, sports and the entertainment industry he uses his energetic techniques to weave his story into the art pieces. However GabyGaby’s work is much more than images and objects, it’s also about the collision of personal experiences, cultures, ideas and aesthetics. His curiosity in and embrace of emerging technologies often gives his work a multi-faceted, dynamic and interactive aspect.

His Work


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